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 WELCOME TO Virtual British Airways

Welcome to Virtual British Airways!
If you are looking for a virtual airline that simulates British Airways and subsidiaries, then this is the place to be.
This virtual airline simulates:
1) British Airways (BA/BAW/Speedbird)

2) BA Cityflyer (CJ/CFE/ Cityflyer)

3) Openskies (EC/BOS/Mistral)

4) British Airways limited (BA/BAT/Gherkin)

5) British Airways World Cargo (BA/BAW/Speedbird)

6) Comair Limited/ Kuluha (MN/CAW/Comair)

7) Sun Air Scandinavia (EZ/SUS/Sunscan)

8) Loganair (LM/LOG/Logan)

9) Former fleettypes like the Concorde, Boeing 737 and 757 series.

Why especially this virtual airline above all others:
1) You fly when you want...this airline has no mandatory 1 flight or 2 flights a month policy. Why not ? Because flightsimming is a hobby.

2) A ranking system like no other virtual airline has. 

3) You are free to fly with other virtual airlines. 

4) You are able to fly former fleet aircraft

With other words no restrictions...well almost...there is one restriction: you can fly only with a simrate of 1x 1 (second in real time is also 1 second in simulation time).


Pilots 29
Aircraft in fleet 343
Routes 3743
Total hours: 93:11
Flights total 34
Flights Regular 30
Flights Charter 6
% Flights Regular 88.24 %


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight Time
BAW027Yeray Pelaez  EGLL  LEBB 26-09-2017 01:22
BAW018Pierre Dequack  EGLL  ELLX 24-09-2017 01:10
BAW009Phil Welland  LEMD  EGLL 22-09-2017 01:39
BAW009Phil Welland  EGLL  LEMD 22-09-2017 01:51
BAW023Marcos Mota  EGLL  LFPO 22-09-2017 01:04







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